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Increasingly involved in diversity and related issues, constitutional lawyer Mai Chen is also chair of the Superdiversity Institute for Law, Policy and Business and focused on addressing New Zealand’s increasing superdiversity, including achieving a further ‘cover girl’ status for the November LawTalk.

Continuing as lead partner in the public law firm she co-founded in 1994, she continues to lead a hectic schedule across the legal, academic, political and business divide.

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She has been actively involved in advising public and private organisations on diversity, gender, political and related issues as well as playing an active role in academic and Asian/New Zealand business affairs.

As adjunct professor at the Auckland University Law School, BNZ director and Chair also of the New Zealand Asian Leaders she plays a central role in voicing the concerns and aspirations of ‘new’ New Zealanders, of whom Asians now account for over 27 per cent.

Her voice is seldom silenced on matters of import, and her key roles have helped lift her position in the List.

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