Mai Chen

Mai Chen

Public Law

Last Year – 23

The eveready lawyer who remains one of the media’s go to speakers on matters public or constitutional law-related, Mai Chen this year ‘sacked herself’ from her eponymous law firm to set up public law chambers and work on “complex public law problems, which remains my first and greatest love in the law.”

She has been a Top 50 Diversity Figures in Public Life in the Global Diversity List, an Mai inaugural Chair of NZ Global Women, including NZ’s top 200 women leaders. She also founded and is the inaugural Chair of NZ Asian Leaders and is also the inaugural Chair of SUPERdiverse WOMEN.

She was previously managing partner of her firm, Chen Palmer Public and Employment Law Specialists, and has also served as Professor at the University of Auckland School of Law and served for seven years as non-executive director of the BNZ. Earlier this year she became a director of southern meat processors, Blue Sky Pastures.

She is Chair of New Zealand Asian Leaders and the Superdiversity Centre for Law, Policy and Business she remains a thought leader on key legal, business and social issues.
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