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Outgoing NZ Bar Association president Paul Radich KC has had plenty of commercial and civil law experience behind him (he’s been a litigation partner at Izard Weston, Bell Gully and MinterEllisonRuddWatts) as well as a barrister since 2012, but his role at the NZBA was successful in terms of both the standards set and his also his commentaries, which were pertinent to a range of issues relevant within the profession and beyond it.

One lawyer commented that he had really made a mark during his term at the Bar Association after some relatively lack-lustre leadership and certainly he helped raise the profile of the Bar, which has generally lacked someone with a firm but fair hand on the wheel.

He has handled a wide range of arbitrations and civil proceedings ranging from defamation to environmental and competition law, but he notably took the successful case against the government\’s lottery system on behalf of the Grounded Kiwis, seeking to return to their homeland at a time when the government imposed its lottery on its people.

Latest law jobs: Litigation roles . . . Inhouse Counsel, Fletchers . . . NZ Film Commission . . . Partnership opportunity . . . Public Defender

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