Prince Andrew’s Star Lawyer – The Hollywood Celebrity Lawyer Prince Andrew Is Using For His Legal Drama?

celebrity lawyer Andrew Brettler

“. . it’s never a good day for my clients if they need to talk to me”

When it comes to choosing a celebrity lawyer, Prince Andrew has gone to the top shelf with his selection of the Hollywood lawyer he is using to represent him in his impending civil lawsuit over sexual assault allegations.

Prince Andrew's Star Lawyer - The Hollywood Celebrity Lawyer Prince Andrew Is Using For His Legal Drama? 1
Gary Bloxsome

Andrew B Brettler is the LA-based partner at Lavely & Singer and has been instructed by Prince Andrew’s UK-based criminal lawyer Gary Bloxsome of Blackfords. His firm profile notes that “. . the country’s leading defence QCs, barristers and other leading experts are on hand to act on behalf of his clients and play an essential role within the defence team.”

The ‘move to Hollywood’ by Prince Andrew’s nephew, Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle has generated high controversy for a variety of reasons, but the move by Prince Andrew to retain one of the town’s celebrity ‘sex offence’ lawyers represents another tawdry step by the Royal Family besieged by unwelcome publicity and a ton of bad press in recent months.

The Prince Andrew move will further highlight the trouble both he – and the Royals generally – are encountering as the headwinds of bad press gather.

In this case he has retained Andrew Brettler in the US, a lawyer who was named by the Hollywood Reporter as one of the town’s top lawyers in their 2021 list of top celebrity lawyers.

He issued a firm defence to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, saying: “We believe this is a baseless, unviable and potentially unlawful lawsuit that the plaintiff has filed against the duke.”

The accusations against Prince Andrew relate to ongoing sexual assault allegations arising from Prince Andrew’s friendship with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and arising from the claimis made against him by Viginia Giuffre, who has clsaimed she was forced to have sex with Andrew when she was underage.

Jeffrey Epstein died in jail in New York in 2019 while awaiting sex trafficking charges to be heard.

Who Is The Celebrity Lawyer?

Andrew Brettler has a track record of handling claims relating to sexual assault, including representing actor Armie Hammer who faced nothing other than allegations of having cannibalistic fetishisms, and director/screenwriter Josh Whedon and standup comic Chris D’Elia.

He told the Hollywood Reporter that “it’s never a good day for my clients if they need to talk to me”.

Brettler is partner to one of Hollywood’s foremost celebrity lawyers, Marty “Mad Dog Marty’ Singer, a lawyer who has handled some of the most publicized and contentious Hollywood law scandals ever, including clients ranging from John Travolta and Leonardo DiCaprio to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Cosby.

Prince Andrew's Star Lawyer - The Hollywood Celebrity Lawyer Prince Andrew Is Using For His Legal Drama? 2

LawFuel has written previously about the heavyweight lawyer who is the Mr Fixit of Hollywood celebrity lawyers.

The choice of such heavy weight lawyers as Brettler – and by dint of that selection – Marty Singer, shows just how seriously Prince Andrew and his legal team are taking the claims made against him.

These attorneys are not just your standard ‘celebrity lawyer’, but can deliver some serious, heavy-hitting when it comes to defending those charged with the emotion-filled and repercussion-heavy cases involving sexual assault.

Prince Andrew’s choice of attorney underscores the seriousness of the charges he faces as Ms Giuffre’s case proceeds under the guiding hand of another, major celebrity lawyer – David Boies. Boies is assiduously pursuing the Prince and claimed to have served him with legal papers after a bizarre sequence of events at Andrew’s Royal Lodge home at Windsor last month.

The Prince’s denials of service go only so far, as at some point service will occur. The battle will continue unabated with the high profile lawyers involved.

The repercussions of the case are already reverberating on both sides of the Atlantic.

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