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Regulator-Turned-Venture Funding Boss

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Former RMA Chief Rob Everett left the organisation last year following seven years at the FMA helm, but retains a key position on the List as new Chief Execuive of the Government\’s venture capital fund, NZ Growth Capital Partners.

Widely regarded as both a tough and effective operator at the FMA, as well as being approachable and likeable, his new role is doubtless a breath of fresh air for the UK-born former Bank of America Merrill Lynch\’s top law man in Europe.

So why exactly did UK-born lawyer and Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s top legal guy in Europe decide in 2013 that heading up New Zealand’s new-ish regulatory body, the Financial Markets Authority,  was the right step in a high-flying Wall Street/City of London career?

At the time when he joined the Financial Markets Authority as chief executive in February 2014, Rob Everett had spent a career on the other side, as an increasingly senior lawyer working on regulatory and compliance issues, mostly at Merrill Lynch

Latest law jobs: Inhouse Counsel. . Partnership opportunity . . . Public Defender

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