Who Is Trump’s Lawyer Now?

Who Is Trump's Lawyer Now? 2

The raid by the FBI on former President Donald Trump’s Florida home has focused the spotlight once again on Trump’s legal situation, but who is his lawyer?

His former lawyer, the eccentric and apparently fading former luminary  Rudy Giuliani is no longer acting but it will be Evan Corcoran, the

Corcoran represented Steve Bannon, Trump’s former aid, at Bannon’s trial last month when Bannon was tried for defying a subpoena and was found guilty on two counts of contempt.

The Justice Department is now using a grand jury in Washington to investigate efforts by Trump and his confidantes to create false electors and pressure former Vice President Mike Pence to overturn the 2020 election.

Trump has called the investigation and the US House Committee investigating the insurrection “a witch hunt,” and a fiery statement on social media following the FBI raid on his house decried America’s new ‘third world’ status and accused hard Left Democrats of attempting to shutter his re-run at the presidency in 2024.

Who Is Evan Corcoran?

M Evan Corcoran is a partner at Silverman Thompson Slutkin White and is a former Assistant US Attorney with a background in white collar crime and civil litigation.

A graduate of Princeton, he acted on a trial $4 billion insurance coverage case that followed the destruction of the World Trade Center. He has had an extensive career handling civil claims, including defending clients like Verizon and Booz Allen in defenses involving anti-trust law, class action defenses and major defense claims.

From 1992 until 2000 he worked as a former US Attorney in Washington DC handling an array of cases and he received special achievement awards, as well as commendations for his work in the US Attorney Office in the Eastern District of Virginia from head of the FBI, and the Attorney General of the United States.

Who is Donald Trump's lawyer now?
Steve Bannon with Evan Corcoran

Corcoran almost took a job with the US Department of Justice in 2000, which is now the agency taking action against Bannon and quite probably Donald Trump.

Corcoran was in line to be the second-in-charge at the federal prosecutors office under Tim Shea, who resigned under pressure from the Trump years’ activities when there was controversy over the prosecution of Roger Stone and Trump’s national security advisor Michael Flynn.

The Capitol Riots

Corcoran has been heavily involved in various Trump-related prosecutions apart from Bannon’s case, as he is representing both a police officer charged with obstructing a Justice investigation into the January 6 riots, Michael Riley, and also a man charged with participating in the riots, Frank Scavo.

The Bannon case saw Corcoran involved in a number of exchanges with the Judge over the “complex constitutional issues” that many believed to be a straight forward case relating to failure to comply with the Court subpoena.

The situation related to the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s home will usher in new elevation for a moderately low profile Evan Corcoran as the unprecedented move upon a former president takes center stage in US law and political news.

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