Lady Gaga’s Bratz Behaviour Leads to Lawsuit

Lady Gaga's Bratz Behaviour Leads to Lawsuit 2

What has Lady Gaga got against the big-eyed Bratz dolls that she is trying to prevent the production of? A lawsuit claims the over-the-top singer has breached her contract by preventing the making of the dolls and the suit, for $10 million, filed by MGA Entertainment claims the contract was signed and sealed with agreement to pay $1 million by way of an advance fee before the summer, big-eyed Bratz doll selling season.

According to the suit Lady Gaga and her management company denied final approval of the dolls in order to postpone production and shipment until the pop star’s album release in 2013, Bloomberg News reported.

“Defendants’ conduct is egregious, in bad faith and is pretextual,” MGA Entertainment claimed in teh lawsuit. Time will tell.

A rep for Lady Gaga said she hasn’t seen the complaint.

“This is a dispute between Universal Music Group’s merchandising company and MGA,” the spokeswoman told Bloomberg News. “There was no legitimate reason for dragging Lady Gaga into that dispute.”

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