Amanda Knox Trial Judge in Firing Line

Amanda Knox Trial Judge in Firing Line

The Italian judge who (once again) found Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito guilty of murder is to face some tough questioning himself after making inappropriate comments about the tactics used by defense lawyers.

The comments could result in an appeal, Sollecito’s lawyer has been reported as saying.  Sollecito’s lawyers are to seek disciplinary action against Florence Judge Alessandro Nencini for commenting on the defense strategy after the guilty verdict Thursday.

Nencini commented publicly on Sollecito’s decision not to testify in court, saying “The ability not to be heard in a trial is a right, but it deprives the subject of a voice,” he said.

Members of the magistrate’s governing body are seeking an inquiry into the judge after the comments allegedly violated the secrecy of deliberations and revealed alleged “partiality,” the ANSA news agency reports.

Associated Press report that a lawyer for Knox–who is also planning to appeal the verdict–told the AP that Nencini’s comments were “not appropriate,” but reserved further comment until after the court releases its reasoning for the verdict, expected within 90 days of the sentence.

Nencini denied making a judgment on the defense strategy and said Monday, “If my words generated a misunderstanding about the absolute legitimacy of the choice of a defendant to make voluntary statements, I regret it,” according to ANSA.


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