Hiring A Barge

One good thing about the Paris boats is the fact that as well as enjoying a ride through Paris, you will at the same time be accompanied by on board chefs who are really going to give your palates a tickle with great Parisian delights. Do not also forget that you will be in a good position to enjoy a bottle of French wine and if anything, the latter will be something of a delight and you will not forget it in a hurry

But supposing that you do not want to see Paris aboard that overcrowded Paris boats tour packages, then you can just hire a barge to yourself and sail down the river without as much hullabaloo as would be generated by a crowd of tourists. Either way, it will be a ride down the Seine and it will also be a ride down memory lane, something that you will never forget all the days of your life.

A barge is just more than Paris boats; it is a home away from home. It is from this condition that you are going to be able to see Paris at your own terms without following the directives of any other guide or tour package. The good thing is that as you move along the canals and along the Seine River you are going to be able to stop along the way for wine, pizza and other gastronomical delights for which the French are well known. You could also carry packed food and wine and Have a picnic on the barge or on the river banks on one of the good spots.

Everyday that you spend on bateaux paris is a holiday in itself and one thing that you will be thankful for is that you did not take the train, bus or cab. That is the idiots way of seeing Paris but the smart way is by a barge. As you move a long the river, you will be able to choose how fast or how slowly you would like to see Paris. Some people prefer to go through it once and for all mostly because the tour package will be so limited but when you have your own barge, you can just sail away at your own pace, stopping where you fancy and even having a sleep over if you want. The one thing that you do not want to forget is your camera because every moment will be a photo shoot moment.

If Paris boats are a delight, then you can be sure that a barge will be more than that, it is a home away from home. Apart from sailing or gliding down the river lazily watching Paris, it is also the perfect way to honeymoon. It has everything needed like a queen and a king bed, an in-built fridge to keep your wine cold and a galley where you can make or warm your own sumptuous delights. Just watch out on the weather and if it is good, you can bask on the open deck and watch Paris glide by. Bon voyage! bateau a roue paris.

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