Ralph C. Ostrowski, Special Agent in Charge of the Tampa Field Divisi…

Ralph C. Ostrowski, Special Agent in Charge of the Tampa Field Division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Attorney for the Middle Judicial District of Florida, Paul Perez today announced the execution of nine (9) Federal Search Warrants in connection with an ongoing investigation into illegal gun sales at the Volucia County Flea Market, located at 3150 E. New York Ave. Deland, Fl. The search warrants were issued for violations of the federal firearms laws ranging from Dealing Firearms Without A License, Firearms Sales to Convicted Felons and Sales to Out of State Residents.

ATF agents along with Volucia County Deputies, Deland Police Detectives and Deputy U.S. Marshals served the 9 federal search warrants and seized 344 firearms as the result of this on going, 15 month undercover investigation, into illegal gun sales. Four of the warrants were for locations at the Volucia County Flea Market. A total of 122 firearms were seized from three of these locations. The forth flea market location was not occupied at time. Federal Search Warrants were also issued for the following residences:

5082 Michigan Ave. Sanford, Fl
5092 Marble Egret Drive, Jacksonville, Fl
4243 McCorvey Road, Deland, Fl.
203 Cliff Road, Deland, Fl.
505 Oakridge Road, Deland, Fl.

A total of 222 firearms were seized from the above locations.

“ATF is committed to combating firearms violence and we start by stopping the illegal sales of firearms in our community,” said SAC Ralph C. Ostrowski. “We want residents of all ages, to know that their safety is of paramount importance to Federal, as well as State and local law enforcement in this area.”

For more details contact Special Agent Carlos Baixauli at 813-267-6829

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