saltDNA Launches World-First Mobile Security Using VPN & EMM Technology – Network security specialists saltDNA have today announced the launch of new technology which is set to revolutionise how global enterprises protect their communications. Designed to ensure maximum privacy, the system is the first software only solution which integrates encrypted communications with VPN and EMM technology.

Built by an experienced team of security and network specialists, the unique solution comprises three innovative products: saltIM, saltVPN and saltEMM. saltIM fully encrypts calls and messages from the device, while saltVPN protects data across any network. saltEMM unifies the management of devices through a central, secure administration portal.

Developed to tackle a diverse range of business needs, saltDNA can facilitate a number of different deployment scenarios. Clients can leverage the resilient saltDNA Cloud Service to deploy worldwide in minutes, or take total control of communications and deploy a virtual instance within an internal network infrastructure.

Speaking about the system, saltDNA COO and Co-Founder, Joe Boyle commented:

“We wanted to create a software only solution to address the security concerns of a distributed global workforce. With saltDNA you can protect your mobile network, secure your conversations and manage all devices across the globe. Ultimately our goal is to give people the ability to work in any environment with complete confidence.”

The power of saltDNA is the flexibility in how the product suite can be deployed.  Each product can be deployed individually but the strength in the solution comes as clients can tailor the modular solution to their requirements. saltDNA has pulled ahead of other security solutions, creating a software only system which provides high scalability coupled with simple, swift and remote deployment.

Further commenting on the product development Joe Boyle stated:

“BYOD is a mega trend which isn’t going away.  Workers now want to use the device of their choice, however employee owned devices can severely limit the level of policy control IT administrators have. Going for a software only solution tackles both of these issues head on. saltIM allows users to take control of their privacy, ensuring voice and messages are completely protected, while EMM gives policy control back to IT administrators.“

Now expanding operations in the US East Coast, the company has recently taken a $3 million investment from Altas Ventures and is in the process of relocating headquarters to Boston. Atlas Ventures became a major backer of the company early this year, and saltDNA due to start building out operations in Cambridge through 2015.



About saltDNA

Established in 2013 with offices in Boston and the UK, saltDNA is a leading innovator in secure mobile technology. Designed and built by an experienced networking and security team, the saltDNA system empowers global businesses to communicate securely across any network, worldwide.

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