SANTA BARBARA, Calif., May 5 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network — A new…

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., May 5 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network — A new book from the co-founders of America’s largest non-lawyer legal document preparation firm
empowers average Americans to file for bankruptcy on their own before the new
Federal Bankruptcy Law goes into effect, making it virtually impossible to get
out of debt and start a fresh, new financial life. The new book, published by
John Wiley & Sons, is written by Ira and Linda Distenfield, founders of We The
People, which has more than 170 legal document preparation stores across the
country. We the People has helped some 550,000 Americans by showing them how
to do their own legal work and liberate themselves from the tyranny of legal

“We The People’s Guide to Bankruptcy” provides millions of indebted
Americans a plan for getting out of debt by filing for bankruptcy on their
own. The book comes at the most opportune time. The Federal Bankruptcy Law,
signed into law by President George W. Bush last month, is designed to forever
change the bankruptcy landscape, making the filing process difficult and
expensive so average Americans will not be able to discharge their debts
without paying astronomical legal fees to attorneys. The new bankruptcy law
does not go into effect until October 2005.

“In essence, there’s only a six-month window for average Americans to get
out of debt and re-chart their financial destiny through the protection of
bankruptcy,” says Ira Distenfield. “Right now, for perhaps the last time in
our history, Americans have the power to easily file for bankruptcy on their
own, without an attorney, and gain the benefits of debt relief. That’s what
‘We The People’s Guide to Bankruptcy’ is all about. It provides a step-by-
step, easy-to-read guide for filing for bankruptcy, without an attorney, and
gaining a fresh financial start in life.”

As California Attorney General Bill Lockyer writes in the book’s forward,
“When it comes to the legal system, the gap between those ‘privileged’ to
access and use the law to their advantage and those who cannot is real for
many Americans. And for the 1.6 million Americans who need to file for
bankruptcy each year, facing the courts can be an overwhelming risk.”

“We The People’s Guide to Bankruptcy” reduces that risk by arming average
Americans with the information they need to file for bankruptcy as affordably
and painlessly as possible – without the added hassle and expense of hiring an
attorney. The practical, nuts-and-bolts guide covers all the basics of do-it-
yourself bankruptcy, and includes insider tips and the personal stories of
other people who overcame tough financial challenges. Extra resources – a
glossary of legal terms, a Q&A chapter, and sample forms and worksheets – make
this the best resource available for handling your own bankruptcy. Best of
all, it’s written in simple, everyday language, without the legal jargon that
can stifle those who are interested in petitioning for bankruptcy protection
without the aid of a high-priced lawyer.

“We The People’s Guide to Bankruptcy,” which retails for $19.95, is
available at all major booksellers, including Barnes & Noble and Borders, as
well as online at (For those interested, the book’s ISBN number
is 0-471-71589-1.)

For more information please contact Greg Matusky or Joseph Anthony at

About We The People
We The People is the national leader in legal document preparation
services. In fact, We The People is the only national chain providing high-
quality, affordable legal document preparation to consumers who choose to
represent themselves in uncontested legal matters. The company offers more
than 80 common legal documents, including Divorce, Bankruptcy, Living Trusts
and Incorporation.

We The People serves customers who cannot afford the high cost of attorney
fees, as well as those who can – and simply choose not to. Since it was
founded in 1985, We The People has served more than 550,000 customers at 170
offices in 32 states. In 2004 alone, We The People helped more than 40,000
people petition for bankruptcy, saving the group more than $30 million in
lawyer fees.

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