The Man Behind Ron Paul’s Money Making Machine

LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire – So how come Ron Paul’s raking in record money with a record-breaking campaign? Who’s behind the man’s money-making machine?

The La Times reports that it’s because of a ‘nobody’ how is this little old man with the unorthodox political ideas doing all this? Well, as The Times explains, its someone called Trevor Lyman, who’s so little known that Ron Paul called him Clymon during a TV interview.

He’s a 37-year-old generally unshaven musician who was smitten with Paul’s program last spring that he offered to help raise money. Using the Internet creatively and Paul’s 1,200 meet-up groups, Lyman detonated the first “money bomb” on Nov. 5, raising $4.2 million for the Paul forces, which enabled them to get on TV in New Hampshire, among other things, and to finance a Ron Paul blimp publicity stunt.

The next target date was Nov. 30, a disappointment at “only” $500,000. The Web, including the comments section of this blog, has been abuzz in recent days with Paulites touting their candidate. The campaign’s website puts this quarter’s fundraising as having passed $11.5 million.

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