Is Overwork Killing The Male Libido? These 3 Factors Say It Is

Is Overwork Killing The Male Libido? These 3 Factors Say It Is


Is Overwork Killing The Male Libido? These 3 Factors Say It IsAlan Burgess* We all know that lawyers and other work every hour God gives them – it’s all part of the grand plan to ‘being a successful lawyer/banker/accountant.  But hard work can also create problems for the male libido and other factors affecting male health.


Well, maybe.

But it’s also potentially killing the male libido, to say nothing of the women hitting their heads on the glass ceiling above.

But let’s stick with the males for the moment.

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Long nights at work – not at home – are actually damaging the ability of the body to repair itself and also raises the possibility of potentially fatal diseases.  Quite apart from its effect upon male health – which in turn has lead to reduced libido and even erectile dysfunction in men who simply burn out through overwork.

Over exercise has also been recently shown to create libido issues for men.  Reuters Health recently reported on a survey that showed in a report on over 1000 men,  showed that those who engaged in high intensity workouts, marathon training and the like were almost seven times more likely to have a lower libido compared to those who engaged in lower intensity workouts.

No-one is recommended that men shy away from exercise as sedentary ‘work’, such as that undertaken by many office workers, can also lead to low libido.

“Over-training suppresses production of testosterone and other hormones which stimulate libido and sperm production in men, in a similar way to how high levels of intensive exercise training suppresses estrogen production, menstrual cycles and fertility in women,” one of the Singaporean researchers said.

So what are the signs about overwork killing the libido?

Here are 3 key ‘libido killers’ for men that you need to know

1. Night and irregular work

Given that there are over 15 million people in the US and UK alone handling night work, and many millions more who handle varied work hours.

A review of three studies last month warned irregular working hours, as well as night work, could dampen men’s sex drives.  There are other health issues too, including increased risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and neurological disorders.

It has also been shown to reduce libido and tiredness alone is obviously a ‘love killer’.

Night work has been found to lower testosterone, which fuels a man’s sex drive and causes the production of poor-quality semen.

Melatonin, which is produced by the brain when we are asleep but amounts drop in the presence of light compared to the dark.

2. Not Enough Sleep

It’s part of the ‘night work’ issue, but goes further.  The Baylor College of Medicine findings also linked lack of sleep with urinary problems and erectile dysfunction.

This means damage to DNA accumulates because the natural mending process – fuelled by the ‘sleep hormone’ melatonin – malfunctions.  The suppressed production of melatonin creates a reduced ability also to repair cell damage.

3. Exercise

Lower sex drive can be the result of being unfit.  But over exercising can itself lead to some major libido problems.

Many men who are working hard will also exercise hard, partly to attempt to create greater work effectiveness and partly for better health.  However it can also reduce libido and even lead to various other issues such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder, which also has a negative effect on sex drive, placing the body into a catabolic-type state.

Yoga, by contrast, can increase sexual interest and pleasure.  A review in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, showed thaat yoga can stimulate genital blood flow, which enhances erectile capacity and may improve orgasms.

*Author Bio

Alan Burgess writes on health and fitness issues as a freelance commentator and contributor to major blogs and publications.

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