Judge Judy (Judith Sheindlin) has provided more heart-felt, salutary advice than anyone on reality TV, bar Donald Trump, of course.

But her dynamic and at the same time personable and frequently downright entertaining style that have made her a celebrity and very, very rich is also the source of some inspiring commentaries for women – women lawyers in particular.

She attributes her success to tenacity, a passion for law, and a belief that she was just as good as anyone else. A belief that she admits sometimes gets her into trouble, but this fearlessness helped her succeed and become the woman who she is today

So what are some of Judge Judy’s most inpiring comments for women – be they lawyers or not?

Find Your Passion

“Find your passion, what you’re good at naturally, and find a way to make a living at it.”

Caring and Nice

“You can be a tough broad and still be feminine, caring and nice.”
Don’t Let Others Tell You . .

“Don’t let someone else tell you what you’re worth, don’t believe someone else’s vision of what you’re worth.”

Don’t Tip Toe

“Women need to wise up, stop subjugating who they are, and stop making stupid decisions in the name of love. They hide their talents and opinions so they won’t offend. They tiptoe through life letting others take credit for their ideas because they would rather be liked than respected. They spend their lives trying to please everyone but themselves, and then they wonder why they feel so frustrated and unfulfilled.”

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