A Critical New Year’s Resolution Every Homeowner Should Make BOC…

A Critical New Year’s Resolution Every Homeowner Should Make

BOCA RATON, Fla.- LAWFUEL – Insurance Law News, All Law News –Are you prepared to provide your insurance company photographs of your home and an inventory of your personal possessions in case of a disaster? Like most Americans, you probably are not. This lack of preparation could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in insurance proceeds and years of delays in settling your claim. Now, however, thanks to the help of Insurance Vault (http://www.insurancevault.net), a new free online service, everyone can quickly and easily create a digital home archive and be better prepared for a disaster.

The Hurricane Law Group is pleased to announce the launch of Insurance Vault, a powerful patent-pending system that helps homeowners create a digital archive of their home and contents. This archive can provide crucial documentation that can be retrieved at the click of a button should your home ever be destroyed. Creating a home archive is so important that FEMA, state insurance commissioners and disaster relief organizations such as the Red Cross and United Way, all recommend that everyone create a home archive to speed recovery following a disaster.

Insurance Vault allows homeowners to easily create and store online a complete record of their home and contents that is specifically suited for insurance purposes. Insurance Vault’s system is unique in that it allows for simple documentation of home construction, information that is vital in case of a loss. Insurance Vault works by prompting users to answer basic questions about their home (type of roof, number of rooms, flooring, etc.) and then upload digital pictures. The information and photos are then combined into a complete digital archive that can be printed, downloaded to a disc or stored at InsuranceVault.net for free. In several hours a homeowner can have a digital home archive.

“We are pleased to make the InsuranceVault.net website available to everyone,” stated Paul Berger, Managing Attorney of the Hurricane Law Group. “We see on a daily basis the devastation one suffers from a catastrophic loss and the frustration that can linger for years in trying to prove damages to insurance companies. We created Insurance Vault to help alleviate this frustration and speed recovery. Best of all, Insurance Vault is free, so everyone should use it.”

This New Year make your resolution to better prepare your family for a disaster and spend a few hours creating a free digital home archive. The small amount of time that you spend now, can save years of frustration later.

About Insurance Vault

Insurance Vault is owned by the Hurricane Law Group. Insurance Vault’s patent-pending archiving system quickly and easily allows individuals to create a digital home archive that can be printed or stored online. Insurance Vault’s archiving system is free for everyone. For more information on Insurance Vault, please visit www.insurancevault.net.

About Hurricane Law Group

Hurricane Law Group is a Boca Raton, FL based law firm that exclusively represents policy holders in natural disaster claims. The firm’s attorneys have handled hundreds of hurricane and flood claims and we are the only firm in Florida that focuses exclusively on natural disaster law. Hurricane Law Group offers a wide range of services including damage evaluation, claim supplements, mediation, appraisal and litigation. Firm information is available at www.hurricanelawgroup.com.

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