A Different Company Is Fluker’s Farm

The company Fluker’s farm was conceptualized by Richard fluker in the year 1953. The company has come a long way since then. It is now the leading producer of live cricket in the United States. The company also produces other varieties such as Meal worms, hissing cockroaches Etc. The Company is known for delivering high quality and complete satisfaction to its customers. This is the reason why a lot of people order online from the company. Also the delivery of orders is very prompt. Apart from producing food for the animals and birds, the company also produces novelty snack items for people. Chocolate coated Crickets are one of the novelty snack items for people produced by this company. Fluker’s farm produces both dried and live varieties of insects. Although better know for the live variety of products because of their lower mortality rate, Fluker’s farm is now also attracting customers for its dried varieties. This has been possible because of the variations and innovations that have come up in the dried variety. There are different varieties of crickets in the dried variety which give the customer plenty of options to choose from. The company also produces dietary supplements for the animals which are very high in nutritional content. These products have a very good impact on the animals which eat them. The supplementary products form a good part of the product line of Fluker’s farm.

The company also produces Reptile products. The reptile category was started seventeen years back and is now very popular among the public. The problem which a customer faced in the reptile category is that the number of suppliers for reptiles was very low. People did not know where to buy this category of products. Fluker’s farm realised this and started its reptile category operation. It produces one of the highest qualities of products in this category. Bearded dragon is the product which Fluker’s farm produces. The scientific name of bearded dragon is Pogona vertices. It comes in different sizes and the price range varies according to the size. A Bearded dragon which measure anywhere between eight inches and ten inches costs $129 and Bearded dragon which measure eleven inches or more costs $159. The purchase of a bearded dragon is tax free. Reptile products are gaining popularity among the pet lovers. The products required to take.

Another category of product which Fluker’s farm produces is called Super worms. These worms are very high in nutritional content and hence a lot of customers prefer these worms over the normal worms. They increase the metabolism of the animals. Fluker’s farm is one the very few places where Super worms are available. It comes in a variety of packs and depending on the nutritional content they are classified into different categories. The price range of these Super worms is determined by the number of worms in the pack and also their nutritional content. These Super worms form a very important supplementary part of the diet of birds and fishes.

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