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The LP Field, Candlestick Park and Edward Jones Dome are all fun, interesting layouts set in the city north of the airport. The Candlestick Park course was originally constructed to be the new home of the American Open a professional baseball tournament that is a regular stop on the calendar tour. It’s not that long ago, really, that the only football matches played at Candlestick Park, Edward Jones Dome or Arrowhead Stadiums. Then the League Cup Final, in 2002, was played at the Edward Jones Dome instead of being a two-legged tie. Now, of course, football matches held at Edward Jones Dome are no longer such a novelty – and they are also, thankfully, a much better experience for the spectator. One of only five stadiums that baseball authorities has given a Five Star rating, Edward Jones Dome is the second largest ground. Only Arrowhead Stadium holds more spectators than Edward Jones Dome’s 15,000! All seats at Edward Jones Dome are undercover and the leg room now is such that you don’t have to sit with your knees almost touching your nose all game.

The newly built M&T Bank Stadium of 161st will open in March. The old M&T Bank Stadium, located south of 161st will likely be demolished after the new season. By then, the team will turn over the M&T Bank Stadium to the city. Then, it will be goodbye old M&T Bank Stadium and all the wonderful, record-breaking memories that took place there.

The team should have access to the new LP Field by mid February. That will be plenty of time for the workers to get finished constructing it. The twelve weeks that are remaining will be enough time for final touches to be made. Everybody wants the opening of the new LP Field to be amazing and it will be. Onlookers cannot wait to see the upgrades from the other stadium. They can’t wait to see the new features of the LP Field, the increased seating. There are a few reasons why those treasures taken from the old LP Field will be the last to be moved into the new LP Field. There are safety and security concerns. People have tried stealing treasures in the past. First, although the seats themselves are two inches wider than the old ones, they number 15,000 more than the older Candlestick Park. Second, while seats may be more spacious and provide more leg room, their relative comfort is debatable as their slight alignment toward home plate makes viewing the whole field more of a chore for even the most physically dexterous. Finally, the new venue has several blind spots obscuring the view of the action on the field from most seats, even apparently from those in the press box. For true fans that go to the ballgame to actually see the game, such tangible shortcomings cannot be compensated for with a larger team store, more luxury suites, and more restaurants.

Most of the blue seats have been put in. The construction effort seems to be on schedule and if there are no delays, then the grand opening should happen as scheduled. The $1.3 billion stadium will be top-notch.

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