A-Pluss.com Goes Global: 150 Nations Now Represented on Writing Staff

A-Pluss.com is really global now. We have writers and other staffers from literally all over the world, we train our personnel in multiple languages, and we study cultures from all over the world together. This means we can better fulfill the expectations of our clients, who are globally distributed.

Just recently, we took on a talented writer from the small West African republic of Guinea-Bissau. This turned out to be the 150th country represented by our writers. This is some sort of a milestone – if there are roughly 195 nations in the entire world, A-Pluss.com has most of them covered!

The acquisition of a new voice from another place is just part of our international orientation. For some time now, we have been making a point of hiring support staff from a variety of language backgrounds. This provides a familiar accent at the other end of the phone line.

We have subsidized language instruction for employees who take courses off-site, and we now offer language classes on-site. The A-Pluss.com offices are regularly host to cultural celebrations of one area of the world or another, complete with food, music, art, lectures, and films.

The reason for all this? We want A-Pluss.com to be truly cosmopolitan in outlook. You can learn more about diversity initiatives at our website, http://a-pluss.com.

About Us:

We already have diversity of professional background at A-Pluss.com. The result of this, and our high standards for academic and professional accomplishment, is that all assignments are within our reach. Customers bring us projects of truly astounding complexity and obscurity, and our writers come through for them! Our increasing geographic spread can only be a positive for our clients.

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