A Request To Attend Wedding Invitations

Your invitation is the first formal announcement of your wedding to your friends, family and loved ones. It is the first and most important and much focused step of your wedding event. It will give an idea to your guests that how the wedding will be. Wedding invitations generally follow the theme of it, whether the wedding is formal, informal, traditional, more contemporary, the wording on your invitation will follow accordingly. For making nice and cool invitations for your wedding you should keep some important points in your mind which are as follows:


Before selecting layout, theme, colors of your wedding invitation, you should decide the place and time first of doing wedding event, that when it will be happened and where because the time or day will be decided according to availability of that place where you want to celebrate that event.

You have many options of themes according to available places, like in summer you may choose indoor celebration in different huge air-conditioned halls, decorating it with fresh flowers so it will gives refreshing environment. You can also choose open lawns in summer but in evening time, decorating stage with fresh flowers, in winters you can also choose open lawns but in day timings. So you have to decide right place at the right time so it will help you in booking hall, or lawn according to your need and wants.


Before giving the style and theme for your invitations, you should plan the material or the way you invite your guests. If you invite your guests in a very formal way then you can choose invitation cards and post them, and if you want to invite your guests traditionally you can calligraphy on piece of fabric roll it and tie it with traditional glittery or fancy ribbon.

Now come to the style and theme selection. The style of invitation gives your guests an idea what your wedding will look like even before they read the details. You can choose calligraphy in a traditional way, so for this you can write details of wedding on it by your hands, or if you choose formal invitation style then you can chose cards, printing wedding details on it. You can also print the photo of bride and groom if you have on the invitations cards which many guests have come to find charming. Style and theme of your invitation will help your guests how to dress up accordingly. You may also decorate your invitation cards with ribbons, glitters, stickers which will enhance your invitation beauty.

On another hand color scheme and theme is also very important, if colors of your invitation cards, or accessories or add-ons’ put on your invitation cards ,matches or related with the arrangements done in your wedding lawn or hall, so it will looks so elegant and decent.


Invitations must be sent out six to eight weeks before your wedding. Any later than a month before your wedding may hurt or offend your guests. Likewise, you don’t want them out too early, either. So send invitations in time so your guests plan their work accordingly if you want them to be part of your celebrations. gift boxes.

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