Actionstep’s Practice Management Magic

actionstep-lawfuelGood practice management software is essential for any law firm serious about business.

The new product from Actionstep, Actionstep 14.7 is innovative an provides billing, cloud accounting and practice management systems that automate much of the otherwise tedious work of practice management.

actionstepActionstep are hardly novices when it comes to innovating in the practice management space, having been involved in some of the most innovative recent products in the area.

The fact is, practice management involves a variety of challenges and issues that requires clever thinking and software to deal with.

The vicious cycle upon which lawyers work means a variety of issues are created for firms, not the least of them being able to properly record their time in the hectic pace of their daily work.

So what is different about Actionstep 14.7?

The Actionstep 14.7 system works by storing ‘structured data’ – that is, placing information like an email addressor phone message into a designated space where it can be stored and retrieved instantly.

But the new system goes further by also storing “unstructured information” into what it calls a “scratch pad”, which stores all the daily events that crowd a busy lawyer’s day: phone messages, calendar appointments, tasks, time entries and the like.

They can then be placed into structured fields later, at your convenience.

The scratch pad is private and can be accessed any time, anywhere. But Actionstep’s system also permits you toeffectively brain dump onto it as well and have the information brought up at will, or the system will remind you todo so.

Actionstep CEO Ted Jordan told LawFuel that developments like scratch pad were trialled with volunteer lawyers to meet their needsand to help optimize user experience. ”

“Scratch Pad is a great example of how we are shaping the software to match the way lawyers instinctively think and work,” he said.

Additional Features

Actionsteps’ new software also provides a news feed in the style of Facebook, permitting lawyers to easily communicate what they are doing and updating tasks and assignments in an intuitive, easy style.

There is also the usual ActionStep ‘Activity Log’, which serves to guide users through each step of specific tasks rangingfrom new clients to litigation deadlines, checklists for specific documents in a ‘what’s next?’ format.

Simple, easy, intuitive. The system provides a simple and effective way to prevent important matters or tasks fallingthrough the gaps. It also provides detail on what has actually happened in order to build on quality control within thefirm.

Document Assembly

The Actionstep document assembly system permits documents to be assembled using its engine and its integration with Microsoft Office, which lets lawyers store templates within the system, merge or fill in fields with appropriate data from the client records and of course store the document itself.

There’s also the ‘wait, there’s more’ too – not unusual with Actionstep’s innovative products because they also let you provide templates that clients can fill in, as well as sending bulk email messages for billing or some other purpose and make all of this simpler through their integration not only with Microsoft Outlook but also Gmail.

Saving Accounting Costs

Cost savings are available too using the built-in general ledger and trust accounting package, thus negating the need fora separate accounting functionor having to deal with costly and time-consuming data integration issues.

And inexpensive, too

The solution is inexpensive, running at around $60 per month and integrating with most desktop and mobile web browsers.

All in all, not bad for a company that sells its cutting-edge products internationally, using a kiwi ‘can do’ innovation that is already proving a world-beater.

The new Actionstep 14.7 practice management software is impressive and Actionstep are providing lawyers a free trial if you click the link here.



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