All Staff Will Have Language Classes: Professional Educators to Teach is getting a linguistic upgrade – permanently. Management has decided to offer language classes on an ongoing basis to all staff. The intellectual benefits of multi-lingualism are well known for writers. A whole new spectrum of references will be available for research. Our support personnel will be able to communicate more accurately with a wider range of clientele. Our customers cannot help but be the winners.

We have subsidized language education for our writers in the past, but now we will be operating on a much larger scale. will have professional educators on staff to offer classes in at least Spanish, Portuguese, and French. The convenience of in-house classes should increase the number of folks who take advantage of this professional development opportunity.

The experience of learning a language also means opening a window on another culture. This will give our writers new insights to strengthen their writing.

The reference works available in other languages are an often-untapped goldmine of research material. We look forward to an increased depth of scholarship as a result. support staff will have an increased understanding of a variety of cultures as well. This should be very helpful in their dealings with our worldwide body of customers. has undertaken cross-cultural efforts in the past. You can read about past such efforts at Our website also lists our services and our prices.

About Us: invests substantially in our staff development. We know that we have good people, smart, well-qualified people, and they are worth it. The outcome is clear. Our writers can help customers with all sorts of topics, and all formats of assignment.

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