Are Lawyers Getting Away With Blue Murder On Fees? Here’s How Corporates Can Stop it

<a href= LawFuel – The Law Jobs and Legal NewsWire – Rising legal fees is a major concern in a softening economy, according to many corporates. And legal consultants are playing an increased role in the drive towards greater legal efficiency.

The growth in legal spending by government and corporate legal departments in both Australia and New Zealand has resulted in a considerably increased use of outside consultants who can help trim – often by very significant margins – the legal expediture of the big legal departments.

And the remedy to high legal costs can often by something entirely simple, but requiring the application of some hard, objective consulting.

According to one legal consultant, Australia’s Ally Consulting’s Joanne Rees, the legal profession has got away “with blue murder.”

Rees, a former Phillips Fox partner, said many clients “don’t have the experience to judge the appropriate response with respect to quality. This allows the firms to make super profits.”

In New Zealand, TeamFactor’s principal Ron Pol says: “Some organisations’ legal functions are well-oiled machines, yet others show considerable scope for operational efficiencies and savings, including some of the best-known corporate and public sector organisations.” has published a feature on the use of outside consultants to reduce the legal spend by major corporates.

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