BBB Announcing Good Rating for Unclaimed Money Search Site

BBB has once again announced a good rating for This goes to prove that, this unclaimed money search site is one of the most reliable for citizens trying to locate unclaimed cash with their respective state governments. is a nationwide unclaimed property listing service with an exhaustive and updated database of unclaimed property, cash and assets. has been awarded a rating of B – by BBB after sensitive evaluations.

Since, October 2007 has been accredited by the BBB, and has certified the company for their commitments towards fair practices and services extended to the people looking for their unclaimed monies., however, follows the guidelines and standards provided to the company by the BBB for accreditation, and who agrees to act in accordance with ethical business practices and commits to responding to customer complaints. has been awarded this rating of B – By BBB after sensitively evaluating all the aspects relating to businesses and ethical practices. According to BBB, this rating means – “A good rating that still implies reputability. The rating may relate to length of time in business, a past problem that has been corrected, or something else that does not cause problems for the consumers. We believe a company with this rating would generally conduct business and respond to any complaints satisfactorily.” After careful evaluation BBB has determined that meets all the accreditation standards set by them. However, the BBB guidelines do not endorse any product, service of business as such. The official BBB transcript on states that – “We know of no Government action taken against this company. We know of no other matter or practice relating to this company that may assist you in your consideration of this company.”

BBB reliability reports are provided with the purpose of assisting their customers in exercising their best judgment, and are generally originating after a 3 year data gathering and analysis. According to these BBB findings so far has never been questioned for its’ advertising and business practices. is maintaining and updating one of the largest and most trusted databases on unclaimed money for all 50 States. The current database is listing billions of dollars in unclaimed money, property, accounts and assets from all over the United States, and which eventually may just belong to you. The searcher may just go to the website, and fill up a simple form to search for any unclaimed property against his name; or might as well seek a trial membership of services.

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