Business Processes with ERP

Streamline your business processes with eresource ERP

Provide better service and more responsive to the demands

ERP manufacturing solution offers small and mid-sized manufacturing organizations ( with a means to reduce costs. It also helps respond to changing market scenario and customer demands by streamlining the business processes.

Here are some of the benefits the manufacturers will experience by implementing eresource as their ERP solution.

ERP for Manufacturing provides organizations with more flexible and extensible system that enables them to easily adapt, change and add operational functionality to the system in order to meet customer demands and easily adjust to changes in the marketplace.

ERP streamlines operations and processes thereby providing transparency to manufacturers on their production & delivery schedules, order processes and warehousing management.

ERP will automate the manual processes practiced by the manufacturing companies. Automation will enable them to increase efficiency and take advantage of new revenue opportunities.

ERP helps organizations to provide better service and be more responsive to the demands of customers and business partners through multi dimensional tracking features and advanced order-promising capabilities.

With the use of eresource manufacturing ERP software system, manufacturing organizations can set budgets, review costs, track activities and resources.

Being a web-based ERP solution, eresource enables sharing and communication of information between users on-line in real-time basis.

ERP enables manufacturers to identify problem areas and take corrective action in an easy and effective manner. .

ERP advantages:

Supplier collaboration:
Two-way information exchange and collaboration with supplier improves procurement execution and reduces material costs without reducing manufacturing responsiveness and flexibility.

Customer relationship management (CRM):
Automation and integration of sales marketing, support and e-commerce helps you win sales and improve customer satisfaction, increasing customer responsiveness and loyalty.

Web-based application and adoption of Microsoft’s .NET technology enables you to access information, sell product, run business processes and connect with customers and partners anytime, anywhere via the Internet.

Extended enterprise:
ERP is designed to support businesses that operate at a single location or with multiple plants.

Business intelligence:
Business intelligence (BI) tools provide complete visibility into your system’s critical business data, allowing you to make faster, better informed and progressive company decisions.

Technology infrastructure:
Microsoft based solution facilitates a smooth, quick implementation and simplified system administration, customization and integration of your business system, while also providing a stable, scalable technology infrastructure.

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