Business transcriptions now offered online and at affordable costs

Businesses wanting to document recordings of focus group, earning calls or the minutes of corporate meetings can now solicit the service online.
If you are a business owner and wish to document the recordings of important focus group meetings or one-one interviews, the service is provided online. Transcriptions Service has a team of transcribers that can convert any recorded audio into text.

The company provides the transcripts on any template as required by the businesses, customers can solicit the service by sending the audio recordings by email. If the file size of the audio recording is very large, the website of the company provides a FTP service for easy uploads of the audio recording.

Transcriptions Service offers flexible pricing for documenting the audio, if the audio recording is of one hour’s duration the company offers to do it for just $60. Many businesses need transcripts for announcement of earning calls or for mailing it to the share-holders of the company.

The transcribers of the company are native English speakers and therefore the accuracy of the transcripts is guaranteed to be of the highest standards. The company has a 24 x 7 customer support which provides clients with updates on the transcription assignments solicited from them.

Business Transcription services (1-(877)-323-4707) for Businesses, focus group, meetings, conferences, insurance interviews, @ Cost-effective rates. For more info call our toll free number 1-(877)-323-4707.

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