Canadian Pardons Waivers In Demand

Canadian Pardons Waivers In Demand

Canadian Pardons and US Waivers are more in demand now then ever. Pardon Laws in Canada are currently under review, and US border agents are turning more and more people away at the Canada US border due to inadmissibility. If you have a criminal record in Canada, obtain a Pardon now before the law changes, and insure you secure a US Waiver before attempting to travel to America.

If you are unsure whether or not you qualify for a Pardon or need a US Waiver, contact a Licensed Paralegal at Federal Pardons Canada for free legal advice and a no-obligation complimentary consultation 24-hours a day. Find more information on Pardons and US Waivers by visiting .

The new proposed Pardon Law will double Pardon eligibility times in some cases, and others with multiple serious offences will never qualify for a Pardon. Pardons may also cease to exist altogether, as the term implies forgiveness according to the Conservative Party. The tougher Record Suspension is planned to replace Pardons; therefore, all persons with a criminal record should begin the Pardon process as soon as possible. Start the application process by determining whether you qualify by filling out a simple Pardon Eligibility test on the Federal Pardons Canada website at .

A US Waiver may not be something you have heard of unless you have been turned away at the Canada US Border. By law any person with a past or current criminal record must obtain a US Waiver in order to enter the United States or they face severe consequences. This rule applies to all persons with a Criminal past, whether they received a Pardon or not. Furthermore, simply having been arrested even if not convicted is grounds for refusal at the border, and a US Waiver I-192 will required as your Fingerprint number (FPS) will be in the US system. Canada and the US share criminal record information, therefore, to legally enter the United States one must apply for a US Entry Waiver.

If you have overstayed in the US, worked illegally, were removed or deported, you will also need a US Waiver. There are many different types of US Waivers, and attempting to prepare your own application can be extremely challenging, costly, and time-consuming.
The US Waiver submission fee is $585US and is non-refundable. If you make a mistake, you will have to pay the US Waiver submission fee again when reapplying, not to mention losing valuable time. Insure your US Waiver application is prepared correctly by having a qualified legal professional prepare it on your behalf at Federal Pardons Canada.

The Canadian Pardon submission fee will soon be more costly then a US Waiver. If you are one of the 3.4 million Canadians with a criminal record, you owe it to yourself to prepare for the possible upcoming Pardon changes. Pardons in Canada are going to be more difficult to obtain, not only due to the proposed Pardon eligibility requirements, but also due to the possible increase in Pardon submission fees. Canadian Pardon fees are likely to more then quadruple from $150 to $631, even though the Pardon fee was only recently increased from $50 to $150 in 2010.

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