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The world of technology can be daunting for the novice and challenging even for the experts. The trick is not in the difficulty of the industry as such, but in its speed of evolution organisations, its leaders and CTO’s deal not with a fixed objective but a moving target. Which technology would make sense for business today, and how would it scale up for tomorrow’s needs? That’s what Coloxo is all about to take the lead in an ever-changing industry and take businesses forward in a competitive market, equipping them with the technological edge.

There are many service providers, experts who provide solutions and consultants who deal with different niche areas of technology. The problem with a piecemeal approach to embracing technology is obvious the IT strategy has to be wholesome, coordinated and complete, and it takes an organisation like ColoXo to provide a comprehensive set of services and solutions that are deliberate, timely and accurate, to help business succeed.

The consulting services of ColoXo embrace all aspects of technology, right from hardware, web-based services, hosting solutions and everything that businesses would need to succeed in the era of e-commerce. The organisation has taken the perspective that to provide partial solution and leaving the other part of the tech puzzle to some other service provider would, at best, lead to half-hearted measures that would take businesses nowhere.

ColoXo provides the best of both worlds you get the best brands in the industry all under one roof, while you also get customised solutions, tailor-made to suit your unique business needs. It is the combined benefits of brand power coupled with the ultimate adaptability and flexibility that cuts ColoXo apart from the rest. And as is only to be expected, technological standardisation is only a myth, and the winning edge lies in customisation.

Whether your business needs are about hardware with workstations, PoS equipment and servers, or they are about web hosting services or e-commerce solutions, you could pick and choose what you would need, and get expert consultation to go with the products and services, and their suitability to the level of technology that is operational in-house. If you are looking at leveraging business opportunities with the best in hardware, e-commerce solutions like payment gateway and Near Field Communication, or web-hosting services that involve everything from domain, web development and design, ColoXo would have a solution to appeal to your business and technological acumen.

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ColoXo Ltd
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