Company Handled Customer Query ‘Can I Repair SQL Server 2005’

Gothenburg, Sweden, September 06, 2011 – Company recently resolved a query ‘Can I Repair SQL Server 2005’ of a customer. He has certain issues regarding time software takes and file size issue, however, it is resolved in little time via constructive chat between him and support executive.

Customer named Wesley had a query like this, “I am using SQL version 2005, and have 225 GB MDF file, which is corrupted. I have used free demonstration of your SQL Recovery software, which has satisfied me. I installed the free demo version which performed whole scanning process in around 4-6 hours, I now want to invest in complete mode of the software, Please help me and let me know How Can I Repair SQL Server 2005,”

This query, company’s support handled very systematically, and informed this user with every step to reach to the full version of the software easily. This customer was so satisfied with reply of the support that he sent his thanks in the successive mail.

“This query ‘Can I Repair SQL Server 2005’ is not baffling one with our team. We know well how to handle this query and other such queries as we handle them with complete patience as the training our team acquired start with the very first lesson of not showing impatience. Our support team knows that plays a major role in popularity of any product. When customers receive expected answers and send satisfied mails to us, we feel on the top of the world and we are further motivated too,” said, Joseph Cain, Head of Support Team

“Demonstrations are meant with the aim that users acknowledge what is resided in the software actually. This is the best way to install and understand wholly the process to recover MDF files, it perform complete scanning process and give you clear evidence regarding software’s actuality. This is the apt way to know old and new features as new versions are kept on updating,” Said Evan Swans.

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