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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, Dec. 29, 2010 – offices have seen some exciting changes this year. We anticipate that they will contribute to a healthier and more productive workplace. Our customers may even see some benefits as our staff takes full advantage of more comfortable and efficient facilities.

Here at we are finally ensconced in space that we can modify to our specifications. This gives us a chance to implement and evaluate the most advanced ideas in the constantly evolving field of workplace design. We’ve considered many possibilities, and continue to search for ways to use our office space in the most effective fashion possible. knows that our writers are creative folk, and are powerfully impacted by environment. Neither of the two extremes of design: closed boxes that may restrict creativity, or the open bullpen that entirely lacks acoustic and visual privacy, seem uniformly attractive. Thus, we walk a tentative and narrow path between chaos and constraint. tries to make each employee’s work area their own. We offer them the freedom to decorate as they wish. Each workspace provides enough seclusion from neighbors for creative reflection.

Furthermore, we have the additional challenge of accommodating writers who may be offsite part of the time. Nonetheless, they need functional office space when they need it. This is an increasing factor in’s business. knows that all parts of the workplace are significant elements in our effectiveness. Functional areas like the copy room, the canteen, the coffee counter, the lunchroom, the sanitary facilities, all can contribute to, or detract from productivity.

We have tried to integrate these often-overlooked areas into our overall design goals. Informal communication and the strengthening of bonds between employees can all arise in these seemingly unimportant rooms or even spaces in a hallway.

What does all this emphasis on health and productivity look like?

Well, we start with a non-smoking policy, good ventilation, natural lighting wherever possible, full spectrum lighting where it is infeasible, soundproofing wall and ceiling coverings, and natural organics in our decor. Then, we check sight lines, and check for noise. Workspaces are individual and quiet. Shared spaces are decorated with wonderful and rotating art, and cheerful near-neutrals. It’s a pleasant place to work these days.


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