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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, Dec. 10, 2010 – It’s not a secret that in order to stay in business any company should stay relevant to its core niche and audience. But there is an an enormous amount of work, which has to be done in order to keep track of your market.
“Monitoring, customer statistics, online trends, ordering preferences, Google Analytics reports, written reports from the department managers – [and] this is just a short list of what we use in order to keep up with our customers” – says Carolyn Marwick, one of Managerial Dpt. staffers at the project. The hardest part is not the gathering of vast amounts of information, but its interpretation. There are a lot of variables that the companies should pay attention to in order to create correct marketing predictions.
But the most important, after the analysis is the implementation. The statistical data doesn’t necessary lead to obvious conclusions – if you analyze your standard procedures and work. And that’s when experimenting kicks in – when you perform a productivity, marketing or any other kind of an experiment, your gathered data starts to speak for itself. “For example, if you changed a layout on your landing page, adding a new element, and you can see a spike in the conversion rates – there is definitely something about that new element, which you added. Making it a valuable lesson for future landing page designs” – explains Mrs. Marwick.
That’s why projects tries to combine the traditional methods of statistical analysis with the experiments of marketing specialists working with the company. This offers a fertile ground for ideas and potentially fruitful marketing benefits, from what, at this point, seems to be the frontier of online marketing.
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