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SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND, Jan. 5, 2011 – Its always interesting how entrepreneurs develop new ideas. How did they get to the point when they realized that they’ve come up with something new? And most importantly: how a business can innovate when the creative potential of its employees is somehow limited?
“The biggest mistake, which people make when thinking about innovation, is that it’s the people responsible for its implementation, are the main creators for the given innovative technology, business model, product, etc” – says Jennifer Burns, of the Managerial Dpt. at the freelance writing project. “But they are wrong, in a lot of cases” – she explains further.
For a businesses, it’s important to listen to its customers and users in order to come up with a new product or an idea. When it comes down to creating a new concept, it’s not the IT professionals working for the company, who make it all happen. But the users, who provide valuable feedback and information. When it comes down to development and implementation, all the company staffers have to do is skim through the information, provided by the users. Then extract the most important and relevant content, gather the basic ideas for the new concept and that is practically it.
That’s how the operates. Their new user interface is based mostly on feedback from users, who have been with the project for a lot of time. Of course, there is also info from the company insiders, who might be less subjective, because they don’t directly work through that interface. But if you mix all of that together, you’ll get a combination of professional opinions and user-generated information, which provides fertile ground for innovation in the design and usability.
Any company, which hasn’t taken steps towards ‘listing’ to their users/customers should definitely look closely into the idea. That’s how a lot of companies operate, and in the current economy, where the customer is the ‘boss’ the companies should listen to their clients more closely.
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