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SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND, Feb. 15, 2010 – It’s not sitting on the couch, watching TV or staring at the world outside, while sipping your coffee what can be considered as rest, or an adequate vacation! Spending your free time actively is more engaging, more emotional, healthier, than staying at home and doing nothing flipping through the channels.
“That’s why we thought providing some additional exercise for our employees would be a good thing to do. I mean, they spend enough time at the office sitting at the same desk, mostly doing the same stuff on daily basis. And the core concept of our business is creativity, new ideas, points of view. We can’t simply allow all of it to vanish!” – says Andrew Schwartz, one of the head managers at the a global freelance writing community.
And when you think about active, you mostly think about doing something outdoors: hiking, riding a bike, etc. But what the winter is outside – it’s hard to pick activities, which would satisfy everyone. But there is a number of solutions, which were approved by all of the staff. For example, the company Twister tournament, which is held almost every weekend. It might sound a bit boring, but when you get enough people and enough beer – things might even get crazy!
Another favorite activity, which the staff likes to do together is ice skating. Surprisingly a lot of the staffers are good at it. And if you know that after all of those tiring laps at the ice rink you’ll get a treat in form of home made goodies, which everyone should bring – you’ve got yourself a great day off!
Such activities help keeping the staff positively engaged with each other, it allows additional exercise for everyone. And of course, the most important is that it’s a whole lot of fun to do all of those things. The managerial staff also takes part in these activities. It creates bonds and allows to look at people from a different perspective – more personal. It transforms into a better understanding of each other, when people are back at work. An example any company should follow.
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