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Being a custom writing company, knows all too well that paradox is a brilliant feature and attention grabber of any text. Therefore, being true to the idea that the company should follow its name and stand out in everything, the administration of has decided to arrange a truly paradoxical event – an essay competition among its clients. The topic is also somewhat unusual for academic papers: the future of custom writing industry in the following years.

“We try to engage our customers into a range of activities constantly,” director of marketing of says. “So, an essay competition was our first idea. We were considering a contest among our writers with customers in a jury. Then we decided to turn the idea over… and you can see what we’ve come to.”

The company management has already promised 10% discounts for the winners. Around fifty oldest and most active customers of answered the initiative of the marketing department. Though their papers are not yet checked, the administration considers the idea of increasing the sum of prize money. “We have many more applicants than we expected,” the company CEO explains.

You can find further details about recent and future events of the company at its website, is a custom writing service who specializes in highly professional, original and convincing writing. The staff of college professors, journalists, and researchers of offers its assistance in writing any possible type of academic papers, in any research field and on any topic.

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