Diet Solution the Most Recent Weight Loss Rage

Get ready to go on the beach because this weight loss trend will push that fat off your body.

The genius behind Diet Solution is none other than Isabelle De Los Rios, a famous weight loss nutritionist from the U.S.

The Diet Solution has gotten the attention of many doctors and dieticians in U.S.A. Furthermore, it has already been featured on many weight loss talk shows.

Just like the South Beach weight loss diet, this diet goes back and forth from eating to restricting carbs in a way that can make anyone lose 30 pounds in a matter of days.

The Diet Solution consists of only 3 cycles, lasting a total of 30 days. Instead of dying of boredom like in many other diets, you will be triggering calorie confusion that will burn thousands of calories in mere hours. For more information on the Diet Solution weight loss program, head over to .

Cycle 1 is the most restrictive, allowing for 1,200 calories a day and eliminating bad carbs.

Cycle 2 pushes the limit to 1,400 calories in a day, with some more carb intake.

The third cycle pushes the calorie limit even higher with some extra snacks that will promote weight loss.

Cycle 4 is nothing but extra training on how to stay slim for the rest of your life.

The diet solution is one to work even without exercise. Most people may be disappointed from this as they feel exercise plays an important role in weight loss.

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