11 May 2011
London — DLA Piper has today launched part one of a significant piece of qualitative research that highlights the challenges businesses are facing in fully exploiting the potential the internet offers them as a channel to market.

‘Shifting Landscapes – the online challenge to traditional business models’, combines in-depth interviews with business leaders from organisations at the forefront of web-enabled innovation – including Nokia, Polo Ralph Lauren, the Federation of Internet Publishers and the UK Cabinet Office – with extensive secondary research and analysis.

The report will be launched in three parts:

The development of online channels to market
The impact of cloud computing
The challenge of valuing, protecting and exploiting digital assets

Online channels to market which launches today, suggests that whilst all businesses understand the significant opportunities the internet offers, many feel that they are not able to fully exploit them. As well as the increasing challenges of building and protecting a brand online, the report identifies and explores the current ‘unfit for purpose’ laws that are out of sync with the multijurisdictional nature of the web and the rapid rise of digital content, as well as the risks that social media pose. As Marco Kerschen of Polo Ralph Lauren explains in the report: “There is a fragile balance with social networks. If you start to abuse them for influence, I think they will turn against you. At the end of the day, they are a social platform and not a commercial one.”

Cloud computing is due to be launched in June. It investigates the opportunities that cloud computing offers businesses, which includes cost and time efficiencies, dynamic scalability and flexibility, access to enterprise-level IT resources, greener use of IT and looks at the adjacent challenges including data protection and security.

Digital assets, due to launch in July, hypothesizes that businesses will not be able to value, protect and exploit their digital assets unless more innovative revenue-building models and stronger legal frameworks are established. The report focuses on the challenges involved in exploiting digital assets, before exploring some of the strategies adopted for long term profitability by interviewees.

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