In the present generation cigarette smoking has become a common habit for most of the people. As the competition is increasing day by day, the strain on each individual is also increasing randomly. Though cigarette smoking relives the person from strain but has an enormous effect on the health of both active and passive smokers. Cigarette smoking leads to dangerous lung cancer and many other breathing problems for both the active and passive smokers. The smoke evolved during cigarette smoking is disturbing the percentage of natural gases in the air, as it is drastically increasing the percentage of carbon products in the air which is very dangerous.
Electronic cigarettes have been introduced into the market for saving the people and environment from the dangerous effects caused by cigarette smoking. This is a smoke less cigarette and this smokeless e-cigarettes are made up of battery components, atomizing device, cartridge and a light indicator. The cartridge is placed at the first end of the cigarette and it is filled with a liquid which enhances the smoker with the regular taste and feel of the traditional tobacco cigarette. Some e-cigarettes are also embedded with electric smokers for giving a real feel for the user, but the smoke released by these cigarettes doesn’t release any harmful chemicals.
DSE801:1 is the best electronic cigarette available in the market. This smokeless cigarette doesn’t consist of any tar particles in it and it is non-flammable. This cigarette is free from all the chemical toxins and it doesn’t cause any strains in the user teeth. These cigarettes can be used in all non smoking zones like gas stations etc…the smoke generated from these cigarettes are produced by vaporizing water soluble glue.
The usage of these cigarettes is increasing day by day and the governments of every nation are encouraging this product to save the globe from harmful effects.

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