Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are a battery-powered piece of equipment facilitated to provide inhaled doses of nicotine or non-nicotine”. It is an alternative of smoked tobacco products, such as cigars, pipes and cigarettes. “Electronic cigarette was invented by a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik IN 2003”. Electronic cigarette is not harmful to the health.
To resist the circumstance, the cigarette smoking has turn into a common habit for all the public irrespective of their gender and age groups. It might release a person from the strain but it may cause dangerous effect on the health. It might cause cancer to the smoker and it also affects the neighboring people. “Electronic cigarette are introduced into the market to reduce the smoke”.Various countries in the world are heartening these cigarettes by offering at cheaper charge to save the environment from the bad pollution. E-cigarette of UK Government offers these cigarettes at an extensive price and serving the people to turn into free from the harms related to their lungs and respiration. E-cigarette Canada is also hopeful their citizens very much to choose this e-cigarette as it helps in defensive the public from awful diseases.
These electronic cigarettes comprise of a battery mechanism, atomizing tool, cartridge and a light needle. The sealed unit present at the first last part of an e-cigarette contains fluid which gives the taste and feeling of the regular traditional cigarette. “These are smoke less cigarettes and do not enclose any harmful chemicals”. Smoke less cigarettes simulates the identical smoking feelings of a traditional tobacco cigarette. “Foschia is the best electronic cigarette existing in the market “.Thus electronic cigarettes play a major role in quitting the tendency of smoking traditional cigarettes.

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