ERP benefits for SME

eresource ERP can bring unimaginable benefits to SMEs

Affordable and easy-to-deploy

If the current trend to be analyzed,( it will become clear that ERP solutions are the effective business application not only with the larger companies but also for majority of the SMEs India. There are numerous reasons that have contributed to the popularity of ERP in mid-sized businesses.

As many smaller companies embark on aggressive growth strategies, they are finding that ERP solutions provide them with a strong business process and technology infrastructure to support growth. The strong presence of information technology and affordable prices of computer have made it possible even for the small organization to think about the ERP systems. The new era of web based ERP application such as eresource ERP and the advantage of working from anywhere anytime facility that all have contributed to the deployment of ERP systems in majority of the companies.

Enterprise Resource planning helps SMEs to enjoy unimaginable benefits. But there is a misconception going around that only the big players can satisfy the requirements even though the recipient is a small concern, when in reality it is the solutions like eresource ERP applications are more flexible when it comes to customizations.

Catering the need of SMEs are becoming a challenging work for most of the ERP vendors. Since there are too many SMEs in the market they look for a cost-effective ERP solution.

The small size of the companies proved to be another challenge to the vendor. That is because for many ERP vendors it has become practically impossible to offer an effective ERP system to SMEs on their low budget. However, eresource has succeeded in this arena by providing filtered ERP as per the need and budget of the SMEs. With filtered ERP the customer has the choice to select the basic modules which is required to run their business more effectively and profitably.

Another factor is that the bigger players have a trouble when it comes to offering solutions for mid-sized businesses. The level of customization and the work demanded by the SMBs appears to be too much for a bigger player. Moreover their businesses have always been focused to corporate giants. So when it comes to the question of SMEs it takes a great deal of time for them to understand the business and design software programs based on modality.

eresource ERP also proved to the SME world that the argument of only a big player can satisfy the requirements even though the recipient is a small concern is completely wrong. Success story of our numerous SME clients proves that this argument has no credibility.

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