Exchange Cash4gold with the Best Price for Gold

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Exchange Cash4gold with the Best Price for Gold

UK – By providing significant amount of cash for gold as well as cash for platinum, the Jewellery Channel Ltd., better known as TJC Gold, offers you the ability to benefit from the best values of gold and platinum. You can now sell gold jewellery for cash by following our simple process. All you need to do is register on our website for selling gold and request for a gold pack. Once you receive the gold pack, follow the instructions on it and ask for the package tracking number of the sealed pack at the post office. Thereafter, you can wait to receive your cashforgold. For more information on how to sell gold, you can contact us at 0800-458-4400 or email us at [email protected]

Associated with the Sheffield Assay Office, which is an independent regulated body that assesses the gold you send us, and the Platnauer Group Ltd, which has been in the gold and precious metal trading business for nearly 100 years, the Jewellery Channel Ltd. is the most efficient and resourceful way of getting profit from your unwanted gold, which had a huge value at one point of time.

You can get instant cash UK through the easy-to-use service of the gold exchanger, TJC Gold. It provides outstanding rates for selling gold for scrap. There are numerous buyers for gold that makes it easy and convenient for you to get rid of your unwanted gold. Instead of thinking what to do with your unwanted gold, give us your jewellery to sell UK and get cash for gold.

You can now sell gold online as the amount of goldbuyers is increasing with the increasing value of gold. Additionally, gold buyers are also interested in coins for sale. Apart from gold coins, you can sell gold watches and get a worthy price for it. You can find more information on TJC Gold through our website ( Moreover, if you are interested in giving away your scrap gold, you can contact us at 0800-458-4400. Order now for a Gold Bag and benefit from selling your scrapgold!

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