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25 September 2011 – There’s a relatively new technology available for professional as well as personal used called ‘Fax to Email’, also named ‘Online Fax’. Why would anyone switch from their original fax machine which works fine to a so called ‘fax to email’?

Fax por Internet service is usually offered by a telecom or fax specific company where users are able to send and receive faxes via an online account. Sent faxes are received on the other end by either a paper document, if they have a classic fax machine,or via fax to email, if they have the modern service. This service gets rid of both the need to have a dedicated land line and a bulky fax machine. Faxes can be received not only by one’s online account provided, but also to personal email accounts, such as hotmail and gmail if offered. Online reception opens the possibility to save faxes electronically and have the option to organize them, which a classic fax machine lacks. The classic machine will print all pages received (assuming there isn’t a lack of paper or a paper jam along with some technical glitch where entire faxes can easily be lost) causing a waste of paper resources where costs can add up , while having confidential faxes printed out for others in the office to see. Fax Online keeps faxes private with each company employee possibly having their own login; having the option to print any given fax received if they wish; saving money and reducing the company’s environmental footprint.
Mobility in the work place is becoming more and more important, where employees are not always working out of their office. This make fax to email services that much more of an advantage today with cloud computingwhere people can view and send their faxes from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. Many businessmen are now using this service with their smart-phones, so they can stay connected wherever they happen to be.
Industry offered fax to emailplans, come in a wide range depending on the size of a given company, or if for personal use. Prices for this service seem to be lower than buying and disposing a fax machine, toner, ink, and paper, along with having a dedicated phone line and including any service expenses that may arise. Many don’t want to give up their existing fax number since they have used it for so long, therefore many companies offer an added service to retain one’s existing phone number, or otherwise offering a customized number.
Fax virtual seems to be catching on, and for good reason. Many reasons exist why using a fax to emailservice instead of a classic fax machine will make work life easier, sending and receiving faxes more accessible, environmentally friendly, and easier on the pocketbook.

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