Facing the music? Is this a legal way to offer online music?

A website which says it has found a legal way to offer music online without the consent of the major labels faces a fight with the record industry. Puretunes says it is taking advantage of a loophole in Spanish copyright law so that it can sell songs online without the direct permission of the record companies

The Madrid-based company says it is abiding by copyright law and is promising to pay royalties to the artists.

But the music industry believes that it has no legal basis and promises to fight it as vehemently as it has other illegitimate music services.

It is the latest broadside in the ongoing bitter war between the music industry, fans and online music suppliers.

The music industry has been determined to close down popular services such as Grokster and Kazaa, which offer music swapping services for free without providing any recompense to artists.

Apple has experienced great success with its online music store, which saw two million downloads within the its first two weeks and seems to be proving that money can be made from music on the net.

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