Furniture Removals Gold Coast Under New Management

Furniture Removals Gold Coast Under New Management.
Gold Coast Removals Company, SKD, has been sold and is now under new management.
New Management Team: Jason and Owen Potts
Removals Tips from the new owners.
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At SKD our Furniture removals company specialise in the process of relocating a household’s contents to another location and usually will move much more than just furniture. We are not necessarily restricted to just household furniture removals but can also be hired by businesses which are moving into new office premises and some removal companies may also offer storage, the international transport of furniture and a variety of products and services which may be hired or purchased to help with any move. As moving from one house to another can be such a large and stressful process the furniture removal business as a whole is quite a large industry, from small outfits that employ just a couple of people and a van all the way through to the large scale businesses that offer the most comprehensive range of services.
If we take the example of a family that has purchased a house and need to move their furniture from their old residence to their new one there are a number of options available to them. Finding out which furniture removals company operate on the Gold Coast is the first step and it is a wise decision to get quotes from at least a couple of different companies as there may be quite a significant difference in the total costs involved. The furniture removals company that get the job may offer the service of packing the contents themselves for an extra fee or as part of their overall quote in boxes that they provide or there can also be the option where the home owners can purchase packing materials from the moving company and do this particular aspect of the move themselves. Obviously when the professional companies do this there is less risk of things being damaged in transit as they should have the knowledge and experience to pack things in the safest manner.
Continuing with this example the Gold Coast based removalists will use trolleys and specialised moving equipment to load the heavy items of furniture onto their truck, securing all of these items with straps so that they cannot shift and cause damage during the trip. It is very rare to find a single person doing furniture removals as a profession, due to the size and weight of some of the furniture that needs to be moved then at least two people should be on every job. As much furniture and pre-packed boxes of other household items are loaded onto the truck within safe limits and the truck is then driven to the new house where the entire process is repeated in reverse. Usually when packing items before the move boxes will be marked as to what room they need to go into in the new location or specifically what contents they hold to make it easier to unpack.
When the Removals staff have done all the packing and moving then this is referred to as a full service removal. There may be the option of hiring and sometimes buying equipment such as furniture padding, cargo straps and dollies, packing materials as well as vehicles for consumers to do the move themselves. Not all furniture removal companies will have these options available but many do have at least some and customers may choose to use one or more of these options to reduce the overall cost of their move. If a consumer chooses full service removal or chooses to utilise some of the self service options that may be offered, then there may be insurance issues which should be looked into first so that customers know what is covered and what is not.
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