Gold test Solution – Detecting real Gold

Since its origins, gold has never gone out of fashion and, after the economic crisis of 2008; the buying boom has been strengthened and has little to envy the boom that was active in the nineteenth century California. Investors returned to take the metal as a haven in times when neither the market nor the bond gives good yields actions. On the other hand, the statistics have always shown that the average profitability of gold is always greater than that of other instruments in the long run and that is why few want to get rid of it. The main question is linked to identifying pure gold used in jewelry.

Gold test solutions bring top formulas when buying jewelry. When wondering about quality and accurate results, these solutions are the best choice. Pure gold is too soft for use in jewelry, so it is alloyed for use with copper or other metal, which gives greater rigidity. People can now avoid frustration. As always, knowledge is the key to whether you buy something of value or not, but it is equally important to buy from reputable merchants, experienced and have a tradition of service to their customers. Gold test solutions are familiar with buying steps and thus, deliver top quality Gold test acid kits. These test solutions are better used with a test stone so you don’t leave nasty acid marks buying gold and talk directly with all dealers in precious metals possible and understand his philosophy of work and product. Gold has a unique color and is one of the densest metals. Usually a gold coin is counterfeit or larger or heavier or both.

The Golden Color varieties may bring confusion. The 18 karat gold may have different prices based on its color, white gold jewelry is made more expensive than yellow gold, though both have a 75% gold, that’s because the white gold jewelry contains palladium, whose value is above the silver or copper are the metals used to alloy yellow gold. Gold test solutions allow people to identify top ways on to test gold and silver, too.

Chemical preparation that most jewelers use nitric acid is mixed with table salt. Lime is a little part where you will test the gold, to take a drop of this preparation takes different shades of gold. An old method of checking a gold coin was bitten, because gold is a soft metal and if mixed with a base metal is harder and it was checked gently biting the coin. However, this rustic method is not a guarantee. Another classic was flipping a coin on a table and listen to the sound emitted as a gold coin has its own tone. Gold solutions bring accuracy and peace of mind.

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