Google Penguin Update Has Major Effect On Bloggers and WordPress Plugin Fans

The Google Penguin update has scared many internet marketers, including many using WordPress blogs for affiliate marketing, list building and other online money making ventures.

In essence, the Penguin update related to linking issues and link spamming that Google has dealt with effectively, seeking quality content to deliver its ‘user experience’ to its users.

The issue for the millions of people, including marketers, who use the very popular WordPress platform, is which WordPress plugins should they be using to ensure their sites are not going to fall foul of the Penguin update or any other Google update – and more are almost certainly in the wings waiting to fly like the Penguin.

A brand new, heavily researched report – the GUru Essentials WordPress Plugin Report – has been released onto the Warrior Forum showing which plugins are recommended by some of the top names in internet marketing, including Tony Marriott, Craig Mako, Anthony Devine, Daniel Tan, Armand Morin and many more that were surveyed, researched and interviewed by the authors.

If you wish to ensure maximum performance and safety for your WordPress site you need to know which are the very best WordPress plugins to use, and which WordPress plugins you should not use.

The internet marketing business has become more sophisticated just as it has become more competitive. To learn the very best about what you should be doing regarding WordPress plugins means you should obtain the Guru Essentials WordPress Plugin Report

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