Handling and Cleaning Shower Door Parts

The bathroom or shower door is undoubtedly among the most important areas in the house. There is a constant need to maintain the cleanliness of the area. Shower rooms that are not regularly cleaned usually accumulate dirt that in time gets harder to clean or wipe out. The shower door should be given particular attention because usually, home keepers forget to take care of the fixtures.

When you clean the shower room, you usually focus on cleaning the tiles, the walls and the toilet. The door is usually neglected. It is time you change your bathroom cleaning habits. The door is not really hard to clean but there are still certain and specific techniques that will make the effort easier and effective.

Before you clean your shower door, it would be advisable if you would be able to identify shower door parts. Fortunately, there are just a few of them. Knowing more about the materials used and functions of shower door parts will be truly helpful in making the cleaning activity worthwhile and effective. Here are some recommended tips that will help you get on with the task.

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Shower door parts and how to clean them

The door surface is the most visible of all the shower door parts. This is the part that you actually see and hold. The surface gets wet when you take a shower. Other than being soaked with water, other liquid and greasy substances touch the door surface, like shampoo, soap, detergents, lotions and others. In time, you may notice that some dirt-like stains form appearing like actual stains. Mildew formation is also not ruled out.

Cleaning this shower door seals as well shower door parts are easy. At times, all you need to do is to wipe it with clean and dry cotton cloth. However, if stain and dirt formation gets worse, you need to do other alternative and effective measures. Not known to many, lemon juice can be a good cleaning agent especially for tidying the shower door surface. Put the juice into old newspapers and wipe the door surface with it. In no time-you will notice that streaks present will be removed. Air-drying the door surface after the cleaning act will be advisable.

The knob

Among shower door parts, the knob is the most handled. Some shower doors do not have handles or knobs, but most traditional ones do have them. If your bathroom door has a knob, do not fret about cleaning the part.

Usually, any type of knobs can be cleaned and maintained by using machine oil. The grease provided by oil is sufficient in making the knob always functional and useable. There is a need to apply oil into the knob at least once every six months to make sure rust formation and roughness can be reduced if not totally eliminated. Alternatively, vinegar can be used as well as an agent to wipe clean the shower door knob.

Other shower door parts

The door surface and knob are the two most obvious and easily visible shower door parts. However, there are other components and parts that may be concealed from the eye. When you open the door, you will see those hidden shower door parts.

Such shower door parts include bi-fold pivots, guide rods, brackets, hinges, track rollers and door catch. You may proceed to clean them the way you clean the knob, because most of these shower door parts are also made of aluminum or metal. Cleaning these parts is also recommended at least once every six months to prevent rust and dirt accumulation.

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