HCG weight loss plan now introduced with special New Year packages

United States of America. jan 07, 2012. At this New Year HCG Slim Xpress brings a whole new reason to cheer for.

Slim Xpress understands how tough it is to cut the extra fats from the body and for that they are now introducing the special discount offer on their weight loss protocol. Any individual can call them for free consultation under this New Year discount scheme and they will be given free checkup to see their health condition as If they are fit to use the HCG weight loss plan. And if they qualify the test they will be given a customized HCG dose and HCG Diet plan that are to follow in combination.

Throughout the HCG weight loss plan the experts will be monitoring the progression with the weight loss and see there are now health complications involved with this weight loss plan.

To Buy the HCG weight loss plan with special discounts, just refer Slim Xpress. For more details and information about them log on to their website http://www.hcgslimxpress.com or can simply call their experts at 1-800-590-7788 for free consultation.

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