Healing The Heart Essence, Red Alder Essence And Soul Mate Spray

Do you wish to find love and feel attractive? Can you imagine yourself being just like a magnet?

When we change our thinking and start seeing ourselves as potential magnets, we start creating new possibilities. Energy moves. And with the use of tree flower essences, we tap onto the power of our magnetism by nourishing our light and bringing out our most attractive qualities such as creativity, imagination, kindness, strength, good will, friendliness, confidence….Specific Tree flower essences and aromatic sprays bring out our natural magnetism and are at the same time profoundly healing at an emotional and soul level.

Energy healing essences are a natural healing modality to bring a new resonance and confidence and by consequence attract love and friendship. A few specific natural healing essences can be helpful.

The first thing we might look at is healing any wounds we carry from loss, grief, rejection, disappointment, or neglect. Some wounds may go back into early childhood or even the womb. Our beautiful essence called “Healing the Heart Essence” envelops us in a gentle soothing energy to get beyond the emotions possibly preventing new experiences.

As we use the Healing the Heart tree flower remedy, we begin to trust and regain the courage to open ourselves to love and sharing our heart. The Healing the Heart essence is a universal and completely natural remedy that uses the natural healing energy of trees to nourish ourselves with a soothing vibration. Used over time it brings trust and peace to the heart.

If we tend to hide our self or hold back, even have difficulty showing our attractiveness, or if we freeze up and look serious when we really want to flirt and be playful, the Red Alder single tree essence can be of great help. It brings a sense of lightness of being and playfulness. It’s also called for as a tree flower remedy in order to get passed the winter blues, when we don’t feel like going out and especially when we are affected by lack of light. Mostly, it is a great help to bring out a playful magnetism and to show ourselves at our best!

Another beautiful and delightful help is our Soul mate Spray. There’s a magical synchronicity that can happen when we use this spray. It attracts the Soulmate energy we need and if we are ready it may even bring a partner. It has also been used to enhance relationships. We’ve also had sales people use it with positive results for connecting with people.

The Soul mate Spray combines the highly attractive natural aromas of Orange Blossoms (aka Neroli) (Citrus aurantium) and Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodara) with tree flower essences that help us open our hearts and send out welcoming signals to others.

The Soul mate Spray is designed to help us realize the yearning of our heart, to love and be loved, to find that very special person in our life. As we use it along with the Healing the Heart tree flower essence or the Red Alder essences we find feelings of loneliness, loss of hope, loss of confidence in self and others and discouragement being transformed on one side and on the other side a fresh opening to romance, play and enjoyment.

To learn more about the natural healing qualities of trees and to try our tree flower essences visit us at www.essences.ca.

Namasté, Celine Cloutier (aka Ma Sunder Gulabo)

Email: [email protected]

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