Herman Cain, the now ’embattled’ presidential candidate may now be taking legal action in respect of the alleged “13-year-old affair” with Atlanta lady Ginger White. Was she telling the truth? The Washington Post “Fix” blog reports.

Embattled presidential candidate Herman Cain ’s personal lawyer, Lin Wood, said in an interview Tuesday that he believes his client is telling the truth that he did not have a 13-year-affair with an Atlanta woman named Ginger White.

Wood, who said that Cain has not made a decision yet about whether to stay in the race, said he doesn’t expect his client to address the controversy again in public because there is nothing more to say beyond his denial. Instead, Wood expects Cain to focus on his schedule of campaign events and on making a decision about his political future, which Cain said he would do by the end of the week.

Wood has not ruled out advising Cain to take legal action against White, who, in an interview on the Atlanta Fox News affiliate Monday, alleged that she and Cain were in an intimate relationship for more than a decade.

“That’s a decision that can be made down the road,” Wood said. “I think the immediate consideration is to focus on his family and his campaign. There’s no rush to take legal steps.”

Wood said Cain met White at a conference, and they became friends. He questioned White’s credibility and expressed frustration that, as a lawyer, he cannot interview her or subpoena records to show that she is not telling the truth. White, who said her relationship with Cain included trips to resorts and lavish gifts, offered no specific dates or other evidence of the alleged meetings.

“That’s part of the problem,” Wood said. “You don’t have the ability to engage in that type of a discovery and investigative process when you’re in a court of public opinion. If I were in a court of law I’d have the ability to exact specific information from her on cross- examination. I’d have the ability, through the power of discovery, to look for the documentation that would refute her claims.”


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