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Keyboard surveillance tool allows you to record all typed keystrokes including characters, voice and messages conversations, passwords, e-mails, clipboard information, screenshots capturing, desktop and Internet activity in authenticated log file.
Thursday, January 04, 2010;
Are you eager to know what was done on your PC by other users in your absence? Don’t Worry! We have an ultimate solution for monitoring your PC or laptops in just one click. Keystroke Capture Utility is an extremely compact utility, which lets you record all keystrokes, the time they were made and the application where they were entered. Keylogger is the best software for accurate user monitoring, where you can customize it to show the kind of tracking reports you need and in the way you prefer.
PC surveillance software is password protected Keylogging software that prevents unauthorized users to access the software. Keylogger records all sound activities including played songs, recorded music, voice chatting details etc in hidden mode. Stealth keylogger records the keystrokes in encrypted log file that can be sent later at specified email address and also provides an option to automatically start monitoring as soon as system boot up. Keystroke tracker is also used for real time monitoring and continuous tracking of users’ activities on computers.
You can download free trial version of application directly and aware with software working and procedure by visiting following URL:
Spy keylogger software will not appear in Desktop, Add-Remove program list, Start menu and even hidden in installation paths.
P-dd.co.in is a product related website and leading provider of easy to use and cost effective monitoring applications for employee tracking. Hidden keylogger has easy-to-use GUI interface which can be easily install on any laptop or desktop computer (any system configuration) having Microsoft windows operating system including XP, Vista etc.
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